Christopher Moody and The Underground Kings were formed early in 2014. They are a five piece americana band from Leicester, United Kingdom.


“I’d got this bunch of songs that I’d been playing live for a while, that I’d written for a band, I just hadn’t got round to forming the band.” recalls Moody, the band’s front man and songwriter. “Knowing the songs so well and having performed them on my own it was exciting to finally hear them how they’d always been intended to be played. The band really brings the songs to life in a way it’s impossible to do on my own. Playing with the band has been inspirational and writing for the band is ongoing and I'm excited to write for a band that knows how to interpret the songs with textures and dynamics that colour the songs so beautifully" states Moody.


Recent highlights for the band include an appearance at the prestigious YNOT Festival and the release of their debut single '405'. The band are currently recording and mixing their debut album.