She goes disappearing and I’ve got no place to be

But I guess it’s getting easier to live this life I lead

I know I drank too much, but that is never enough

Because I am always in love, I can’t get enough

I’ve got a kiss like dynamite, I search for her every night

And I get drunk in bars, weave my way home through the cars

But now the winter’s getting cold, I’m 24, 25, 26 years old

And the years go by so fast and you know love it never lasts

No matter what you’ve been told

You know, I blame Hollywood, it taught me all I know about love

Like the boy saves the world and he gets the pretty girl

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Yeah but I didn’t know they were only pretending

I’m such a simple man, I’m not hard to understand

But I could be Michelangelo, be adored every place that I go

So I take another sip of whiskey, try to find the words to make you miss me

You play games with my heart, I play piano in the dark in the hope that you might kiss me

I’d be the king of Hollywood, darling I would treat you good if you would kiss me

She is every boys dream in this panoramic scene yeah you should kiss me

I’d be your best kiss, you’d be the girl that I miss if you would kiss me

I’d take you on long drives, I’d write the soundtrack to our lives if you would kiss me

So when she goes disappearing and you’ve got something to say

You just go right up and ask her “Will you be my ever after?”

And we’ll be happy this way


Words and music by Christopher Moody