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Review of 02/04/2016 show by Caroline Gulla of Think Country. "Christopher Moody is usually found with his Underground Kings, a five piece Leicestershire based Alternative Country Rock band. Tonight, however, he is flying solo. Christopher is a statuesque, commanding figure at the mic and tonight, just as his name sake (an 18th century pirate) he is offering no quarter. Opening up with ‘Empty Bars’ and moving onto songs such as ‘Why Do You Call’, ‘Sorry’ and the brilliant new song ‘Lucky Ones’. His mastery of the harmonica along with his gritty, tinged with a hint of Springsteen, very distinctive vocals enrich every song. His delivery is slow and steady and on the powerful song ‘My Ghost’, he sings about love lost in the most heartfelt way I’ve heard in a very long time. Genuine, convincing and to devastating effect (yes, I got a lump in my throat). ‘405’ is a song that is getting airplay at the moment (including transatlantic airplay). It is usually quite an upbeat, catchy tune but tonight it seems fitting that its slowed down to a sadder, more melancholic version. Again the harmonica adds to this and enhances the bluesiness of this version. ‘Crushed’ lifts the mood and changes the atmosphere with a grittier, angrier sound and leads into a cover of ‘This is War’ by Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Rutledge. Christopher has just recorded his debut album and treats us all with a new song not recorded yet ‘Lamp Lights’, which ends with a Dylanesque harmonica flourish. I just needed a Jack Daniels in my hand during Christopher’s set and my life would have been perfect."

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